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GroupMfr Part Number/SKUProduct Description
StarterAparavi STARTER pricingStarter License

This license provides full platform support for five (5) Million files or Five (5) Terabytes of data (whichever is greater), one (1) Classification Policy. Upgrades available for files or terabytes and incremental classification policies.

Platform - MonthlyAparavi VOL-M pricingMonthly Price Per 1 Million Files or 1 Terabyte of Data (whichever is greater)

This license provides full platform support for one (1) Million files or one (1) Terabyte of data (whichever is greater) for a full month. Change the quantity to indicate your total volume. Classification Policies are available for an additional fee (typical organizations use 5-20 Classification Policies). Ask your Aparavi Sales associate for more details.