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GroupMfr Part Number/SKUProduct Description
ProductsFiberqa AVIT-2020 pricingAVIT-2020 Fully Automated Inspection + Cleaning for High Volume Manufacturing Environments

AVIT-2020 is a fully automated system that removes human subjectivity from the entire inspect-clean cycle. With integrated cleaning and fast, robotic mechanics, operators simply press the process button, allowing them to complete a week’s worth of inspections in just a couple of hours with almost zero active operation.

ProductsFiberqa AVIT-DT pricingAVIT-DT High Throughput + Reliable Quality Control

AVIT-DT removes unreliable human subjectivity from the entire inspect-clean cycle. With robotic operation and integrated cleaning, operators can simply hit the process button and walk away, freeing up time to complete other critical tasks or conduct additional tests on another AVIT system. Using the 50k view on the AVIT software gives operators the ability check on the test with just a glance from across the room

ProductsFiberqa AVIT-BP pricingAVIT-BP Automatically Inspect + Clean Optical Blind Mate Connectors (Vita 66.1)

Due to its size and automated processing, AVIT-BP eliminates issues caused by traditional probe-style fiberscopes, such as: poor stability, poor focus, and risk of part handling damage.

The AVIT-BP slides securely into each open slot, allowing the x-motion range to switch between side-by-side ferrules within the connector. Y-motion range provides flexibility for all Vita 66.1 configurations.

ProductsFiberqa AVIT-RH pricingAVIT-RH Automatically Inspect + Clean Circular Connectors in Space Constrained areas

The AVIT-RH (for Remote Head) is a fully automated system with integrated cleaning, which removes human subjectivity from the entire inspect-clean cycle and eliminates issues caused by traditional fiberscope probes, such as: stability, poor focus, and part damage.

The AVIT-RH is compact enough to interface with circular receptacles and plugs using long working-distance optics and motion control to position itself over each ferrule in any size shell.

ProductsFiberqa AVIT-CH pricingAVIT-RH Automatically Inspect + Clean Optical Blind Mate Connectors on a Chassis Backplane.

AVIT-CH (Chassis AVIT) is a fully automated system with integrated cleaning, removing human subjectivity from the entire inspect-clean cycle.

Incorporating an AVIT-CH into your quality control process. AVIT-CH operates passively without any interaction, freeing operators to complete other critical tasks. Working with an AVIT-CH requires far less training and active operation than technicians who use a manual probe, significantly lowering labor costs while providing more consistent and objective test results. 

ProductsFiberqa FastCLEAN pricingFastCLEAN Auto Fiber End Face Cleaner

FastCLEAN is a line of disposable fiber optic end face cleaning cartridges that are utilized in FiberQA's line of AVIT systems. The inspection cycle is not only automated, but it now integrates cleaning into a one step process to eliminate part handling damage and reduce processing time.

ProductsFiberqa FastMT pricingFastMT Workstation-Ready Fiber Scope

Pass or Fail an MT-12 in Just 12 Seconds. Automatically locate, image, and inspect the surfaces of fiberoptic end faces throughout the entire supply chain with a FastMT.

View the ENTIRE ferrule (live or processed) without scrolling from fiber to fiber. FastMT’s unique system will pass or fail an entire part without technicians having to manually and subjectively inspect every...single...fiber. Along with fast, reliable quality assurance, you will be able to certify each inspection with an easy to read, single page report.