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GroupMfr Part Number/SKUProduct Description
MPERIAMatthewsmarking MPERIA-Lite pricingMPERIA® Lite Controller

The MPERIA® Lite is the most compact controller in the MPERIA product line. This 7” controller manages one VIAjet™ printing technology. Upgrades are available that allow for expanding functions including the number of controlled devices. The MPERIA Lite also comes in an enclosed version.

MPERIAMatthewsmarking MPERIA-Standard pricingMPERIA® Standard Controller

The MPERIA® Standard has the capability to support all VIAjet™ printing technologies for simultaneous print control and is ideal for primary, secondary, and tertiary marking and coding. Upgrades allow for a virtually unlimited number of VIAjet™ devices and functionality. The 12” MPERIA Standard controller also comes in an enclosed version.

MPERIAMatthewsmarking MPERIA-HE pricingMPERIA® Harsh Environment Controller (H.E.)

The MPERIA® Standard Harsh Environment (H.E.) has the same capability as the MPERIA Standard, and offers a 15” touchscreen in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure making it suitable for harsh environments.

MPERIAMatthewsmarking VIAJET-L pricingVIAjet™ L-Series Thermal Inkjet Printer

The VIAjet™ L-Series is a high-resolution thermal inket printer that prints variable data or simple text and graphics at unprecedented speeds. Its native print resolution marks at up to 1600 feet per minute, nearly twice as fast as other thermal ink jet printers. The advanced nozzle design reduces ink consumption, making the L-Series a cost-effective alternative to labels and thermal transfer printing.

MPERIAMatthewsmarking VIAJET-V pricingVIAjet™ V-Series DOD Valvejet Printer

Powered by the MPERIA® platform the VIAjet™ V-Series features Matthews’ DOD valve jet ink jet technology that marks on porous and non-porous substrates including metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete, and plastic. The VIAjet™ V-Series is the ideal ink jet marking and coding solution for challenging industrial environments as well as packing applications.

MPERIAMatthewsmarking VIAJET-T pricingVIAjet™ T-Series High Resolution Piezo Inkjet Printer

VIAjet™ T-Series high resolution piezo ink jet printers represent the latest industrial inkjet technology available, providing exceptional print resolution and versatility along with unparalleled levels of readability. The T-Series is a cost-effective alternative to adhesive labels and pre-printed corrugated boxes. The printhead comes in two models, the T100 for side, vertical printing and the T100S for down, right angle printing.

Drop On-Demand Valve JetMatthewsmarking DOD-ACIS pricingACIS Rubber Marking System

The ACIS (Agitating & Circulating Ink System) marking system offers a unique large character ink jet printing system developed specifically for printing onto uncured rubber, where the ink must withstand the curing process; including tire and tread marking.  The robust design of the ACIS significantly reduces the time required to clean and maintain equipment.

Laser Marking and CodingMatthewsmarking LM-EMARK-CO2 pricingeMark CO2 Laser Coding System

The Matthews eMark 10 watt CO2 laser coding system can permanently mark and code a variety of substrate materials such as coated paper, plastics, and glass, making it a very versatile marking and coding system for many industries. With its inexpensive system price, this laser is a good alternative for manufacturers looking to code their products instead of using conventional small character inkjet technologies.

Laser Marking and CodingMatthewsmarking LM-ESOLARMARK-CO2 pricingeSolarMark CO2 Laser Coding System

Matthews Marking Systems e-SolarMark C02 laser coding systems are ideal for high speed food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging applications, in addition to many different industrial applications. these lasers can permanently code onto cardboard, coated metals, glass, leather, paper, plastics, and wood. There are four power options to choose from, based on your speed and performance requirements, and there is also an IP65 rated, heavy duty version for washdown environments.

Laser Marking and CodingMatthewsmarking LM-EMARK-ECO pricingeMark ECO Laser Coding System

The 10-watt eMark® ECO laser is engineered for small character coding on primary packaging, including cardboard boxes and paper or thermal labels. Ideal for two lines of coding, the ECO produces vector-quality, permanent coding of alphanumeric text, date and time codes, serial numbers, barcodes,and 2D codes often utilized in food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. The ECO, a C02 laser is ideal for companies that are looking to replace continuous ink jet systems or permanently code products at an economical price.

Laser Marking and CodingMatthewsmarking LM-ESOLARMARK-L-CO2 pricinge-SolarMark Light CO2 Laser Coding System

The Matthews eSolarMark Light C02 laser coding systems are ideal for coding a high quality, contrasting mark onto PET materials, such as beverage containers. Also ideal for glass substrates, and can be used on dual substrate production lines, An affordable alternative to small character inkjet technologies, it cleanly marks alphanumerical text, date and time codes, serial numbers, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics.

Laser Marking and CodingMatthewsmarking LM-EMARK-DL pricingeMark DL Laser Coding System

The eMark DL is our most economical laser system for permanent coding on plastics and metal.  The eMark DL offers an impressive laser code quality of all types including alpha numeric texts/dates/timers, serial numbers, barcodes, 2d codes and graphics. With multiple I/O signals, it easily integrated into existing low and medium efficiency production lines, making permanent marking simple and affordable.

Laser Marking and CodingMatthewsmarking LM-ESOLARMARK-FIB pricingeSolarMark Fiber Laser Coding System

The eSolarMark Fiber is a revolutionary solution for permanent coding on packaging foils, various plastic / metal products and packages which is offering Vector-quality code in stationary and “On the Fly” marking / coding. System is capable of coding of alphanumerical texts / dates / time, serial numbers, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics on wide variety of materials.

Thermal InkjetMatthewsmarking TI-VIAJET-L1 pricingVIAjet™ L-Series L1

The newest thermal ink jet printer from Matthews Marking Systems is ideal for primary coding and OEM integration. The L1 is a compact thermal ink jet printer ideal for integrating into OEM machinery and web installations where space is restricted. The compact design of the L1 makes it well suited for primary coding and high-speed commercial printing applications such as mailings, promotional coding, lottery coding, and serialization.

Thermal InkjetMatthewsmarking TI-VIAPACK pricingVIApack Thermal Inkjet Bundle

The VIAPack is a complete and affordable thermal inkjet printing system for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and industrial marking and coding applications, such as batch codes, date codes, fixed and variable test, graphics, and barcodes. This complete compact system includes everything you need to be up and printing in minutes: