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GroupMfr Part Number/SKUProduct Description
ProductsPanasas AS-14-81 pricing

ActiveStor 14 Throughput - 81TB
For large file throughput-oriented applications, each blade houses two 4TB SATA disks, one 120GB SSD and 8GB of cache. This is aimed at energy exploration, government, manufacturing, and academia.

ProductsPanasas AS-14-83 pricing

ActiveStor 14 Mixed Workload - 83TB
For more mixed workloads, they’ve come up with a blade identical to the one above, but with a 300 GB SSD. This configuration is targeted at analytics for biosciences, especially genomics.

ProductsPanasas AS-14-44 pricing

ActiveStor 14 Performance - 4TB
For truly file heavy, random IOPS applications, this model has two 2TB SATA disks, one 480GB SSD, and 16GB of cache. Called the ActiveStor 14T (for turbo), it’s aimed at financial analytics, like Monte Carlo simulations for arbitrage modeling.