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Need Better B2B Lead Generation Results?

Getting great results is everything for our clients. The chart below shows data captured 2012.  Note the high number of sales opportunities generated. This is typical for EchoQuote™ clients.

Sales Opportunities Per Month (average across all clients)

Average Leads (unqualified) Converted Per Month162
Average Sales Opportunities Per Month121
Percentage of Sales Opps to Total Leads74%
Average Marketing Funnel Contribution Per Month$7.5 Million per client

Sales Opportunities Per Month (top performing client only)

Average Leads (unqualified) Converted Per Month398
Average Sales Opportunities Per Month364
Percentage of Sales Opps to Total Leads91%
Average Marketing Funnel Contribution Per Month$116 Million

View a Live Customer Report  (please be patient, lots of results)

This Live Report is generated real-time and represents typical results; this is not our top performing client.  This customer is a high-tech manufacturer that sells complex products in the $25K-$100K range.

What Clients Say

"For me, the biggest benefit of EchoQuote is the ability to be the first one in the door."
- President, KLSecurity

"EchoQuote is the BEST conversation opener I have seen in the last 20 years of business. The value is amazing."
- VP Sales, Wasabi Systems

"EchoQuote helps us convert a larger percentage of casual web site visitors into solid sales leads."
- VP, Texas Memory Systems

"We're successfully engaging close to 50% of the leads that come in...we've been nothing but happy with it."
- VP Sales, Thunderstone Search Appliances

What Marketing Experts Say

"Pricing is the #1 item of interest prospects are looking for, but can't find, when they are researching new solutions. If you don't provide it, someone else will."
- Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, MarketingSherpa

"Price is the most specific piece of information customers use to understand the nature of an offering, and not providing it makes people feel lost and reduces their understanding of a product line. We have miles of videotape of users asking "Where's the price?" while tearing their hair out."
- Dr. Jakob Nielson, Web Usability Expert

VP Sales Customer Quote
“EchoQuote is invaluable.  It is the BEST conversation opener I have seen in the last 20 years of business.  The value is amazing.”
   - VP Sales, Wasabi Systems
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